Winter Sport Venue Promotion During the Holiday Season

promotional-ideasWinter sport venues, such as ice skating rinks and ski resorts, do a booming business over the holidays and the days leading up to them. Yet often their business tapers off after the holiday excitement is over. Those businesses, however, can use the holiday season to cultivate business long after the decorations have been put away for the next holiday by using a few promotional ideas to help extend the holiday spirit.

Cultivate a Sense of Belonging for Gift Recipients

During the pre-holiday season, people look for gifts that will please the recipients. For a winter sports enthusiast, nothing could be better than some free passes to their favorite venue, along with some promotional gear that tells the world, “I belong.”
For many people, their affiliation with a particular sport or with a particular venue is very important to them. Most people like the sense of belonging to a certain group. Most people gravitate to their own tribe, after all.
How about combining a gift package, then, that includes both passes to the venue combined with custom imprinted jackets, hoodies, or sweaters with the venue’s logo displayed proudly? It is one thing to be able to go skiing, for instance, but to also be able to go around in public declaring their affiliation with that venue—and the prestige associated with it—elevates the gift to unforgettable.
Not only will it be unforgettable for the recipient, but it will also be unforgettable for those who see the person walking around proudly displaying the venue’s logo. The recipient’s pride and enthusiasm in wearing his team colors will spill over to her or his friends, who may also want to become part of such a fine group.

Sweeten the Holiday Pot With Discount Coupons for After-Holiday Fun

To sweeten the deal, venues could also include discount coupons with gifts over a certain amount. Even after the tickets or lessons are over, those discount coupons will entice the recipient to come back for more. Rare are the people who can resist discount coupons staring them in the face.

Cultivate a Sense of Mastery by Offering Lesson Packages With Holiday Promotions

Lessons, too, can be combined with customized shirts and promotional apparel. Whether children, youth, or adults, all sports enthusiasts love learning how to perform better in their chosen sport. Mastery of new skills creates a sense of pride. Nothing can be a better advertisement for the expertise of a venue’s sport professionals than a the sense of achievement and confidence projected by someone who has just mastered a new skill and shows it by promoting the venue that taught her or him the skill.
For the recipient, such a gift will create a bond that will go on giving for years afterward. A wearable reminder of those good times will create good feelings every time she or he wears it. For the venue, though, the gift will pay for itself through the increased business gained through a promotional tool for which someone else—the gift giver—has footed the bill.

Check out our website, nova custom t shirt printing and embroidery for more ideas…

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Customized Shirts To Promote A TV Show

customized shirts

Customized shirts are a staple in everyday life. You can’t walk a few feet without spotting people wearing custom printed t shirts, sweatshirts or customized hoodies. You can’t go a whole week without at least donning a custom printed shirt for one reason or another. They have survived the fluctuations of fashion trends over the decades and proved that custom shirts are pieces of clothing that are here to stay. And possibly so will anything that happens to be printed on a shirt.

Customized shirts as opportunities for advertisement

A shirt is like walking billboard space that just keeps on giving. Businesses can use them to advertise their companies; various sports teams use them to identify themselves as a united group; publishers use them to promote a book; and bands use them in attempts to not only advertise but immortalize their names.

For these very reasons given above, TV and cable networks and production companies can use these shirts to spread their name, foster a sense of unity among their cast and crew, and leave a lasting impression on anyone who even glances at the shirt bearing the production company’s or network’s logos.

Production companies and networks can use them to advertise through various means. One of which is using shirts as walking billboards. This can be done by first giving these items away as souvenirs or prizes when holding events that hype up the production of the show.

Imagine, there is no telling where and how far the tv show’s logo or slogan on the shirt will go. As people are infinitely more dynamic than conventional billboards and posters in the way that they move around freely. The scope of advertising is unlimited in this way. Also, the length of time it will take for the wearer to stop wearing the networks’ advertisement can turn out to be years.

Unlike billboards, there’s also less restriction on what the design or logo on the shirt will be. Custom printed shirts can be designed in such a way as to pique the interest of the people who will see it, intrigue them by showing them art related to the show that will want them to look it up or at least make a mental note of it for later. Making these shirts limited editions can also make the wearer feel special and particularly endeared to the show.

Cost-wise shirts can be printed for less, so it’s always an affordable way of advertising. Here’s a tip on how to save on printing.

Customized shirts to foster unity among the cast and crew

These printed shirts can also foster a sense of solidarity among the crew who work for the show because when they all wear the shirts together. It gives them a sense of belonging to the bigger picture, of being a part without which the program cannot function or make sense. It helps to bring everyone together under one banner and reminds everyone that they’re all working for the success of one project. It becomes something they can identify with, and it also imparts to them a sense of loyalty to the show because with that unique and limited piece of memorabilia is attached a plethora of fond memories and memories of hardships they have overcome while working on the project.

Whether giving away promotional t shirts, selling customized hoodies to fans, or just outfitting cast and crew with sweatshirts, or any combination of the three, they can all be beneficial to the life of the show. It’s easy to place an order if the choice is a reputable printing company. A good printing company will make the process easy, sending a proof to check before printing, and printing the job in as fast as 24 hours. The process should be simple, and the results should be more than satisfying. Look for a printer that has experience and is reasonably priced, and a memorable promotional garment that can last for years.




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Brands For Your Company’s Customized Shirts, Part Two

Custom Printed Woven Shirts

Ok so last time we took a look at different brands to use as blanks for customized shirts that will bear your company’s logo.

Although we are talking about t-shirts and polos, as can be seen by the picture in this article, we’re not just limited to those items. Think about Custom Printed Woven Shirts, Custom Apparel Sportswear, Custom Printed Bags, Embroidered Jackets, Customized Hats and Caps and many more possibilities.

So we looked at American Apparel, Gildan, Hanes and Fruit of the loom. All good shirt brands. Now let’s look at some more.

Customized Shirts From Jerzees?

Jerzees is an up and coming brand that has been around for a while. They are part of Russell brands, LLC. Russell is one of the more well-known sporting goods manufacturers so these are not fly by night shirts.  Here’s a bit more on types of popular shirts from their website…

“NuBlend® Fleece

an exceptionally soft hand and a virtually pill-free appearance that lasts wash after wash. The 50/50 fabric resists fading and shrinking, and delivers printability that’s unmatched.

HiDensi-T T-Shirts

 50% denser fabric and 30% tighter stitch density that deliver an extra smooth print surface that’s perfect for even your most intricate designs.

High Cotton T-Shirts

6.1 ounce heavy weight fabric, High Cotton T-Shirts are durable enough to handle even embroidery and applique designs.

Heavyweight Blend T-Shirts

for team, schools and uniform programs — cotton/poly blended fabric: reduced wrinkling, better color retention, and reduced shrinkage.

SpotShield Sport Shirts

with a stain-resistant treatment that repels water and most oil-based liquids, SpotShield Sport Shirts retain a long-lasting new look, even after repeated washings. Plus, they’re made with 50/50 cotton/polyester fabric to resist fading and shrinking…

Ring-Spun Sport Shirts

ideal for corporate apparel programs. All JERZEES® Youth Sport Shirts feature a unique write-on I.D. neck label which make them an ideal choice for school uniform programs.”

As can be seen, they offer a lot of options and some interesting materials and treatments are used. As seen above, the spot shield shirts or ring spun sport shirts might be applicable, depending on the industry.

Then there’s also Anvil.

Anvil’s Options For Custom Printed Shirts

“Anvil, whose original tag line for over a century was “Hard to Beat”, is now a leading apparel brand primarily serving the imagewear and private label markets. Anvil offers over 70 styles of sportswear and accessories in 80 colors, including 17 eco friendly styles in fibers such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, transitional cotton (or cotton in conversion) and recycled polyester from PET bottles. Anvil was recently ranked the 6th largest organic program in the world by the Organic Exchange.

Corporate responsibility. Those are words we take very seriously. At the heart of Anvil’s mission is our commitment to helping make the earth a better place to live and work. We understand that manufacturing and business inherently have an impact on the planet, and it is our goal to minimize that impact. And we believe that any responsible company must be concerned about the preservation of the precious natural resources on which its own future — and all of ours, really — depends. “

While American Apparel also makes Organic shirts, Anvil offers a less expensive alternative. They are also big into tech, despiute being around for over 100 years, they are no fuddy-duddies. Check out ShirtScan. The website states, “Shirt Scan connects you with your favorite tees by delivering multimedia content through QR codes on select t-shirts. Each QR code is uniquely tagged to a specific t-shirt or line of t-shirts to provide relevant content in the form of articles, photos, and videos.”

Interesting and unique take on things there.

Sporty Custom Apparel

For a more sporty alternative, and for something more than more than Customized Shirts, check out Augusta. They are Manufacturers of sportswear, bags, totes, aprons and accessories, so if  warm-ups, or golf shirts are needed for company’s customized imprintables, it’s a popular choice.

“The company makes athletic apparel, such as team uniforms, as well as tops, warm-ups, and fleece jackets. Augusta Sportswear also makes and markets bags, aprons, headwear, socks, and other accessories. The company operates its business through five divisions and boasts more than 40,000 customers, such as uniform suppliers, athletics teams and leagues, decorators, promotional product distributors, and sporting goods stores, among others. Augusta Sportswear, founded in 1977, is owned by investment firm Quad-C Management and members of the sportswear maker’s management team.”

How About Custom Printed Apparel for Women?

When it comes to items for women, though American Apparel is very popular, perhaps the #1 choice might be Bella. What’s interesting though, is that they also now make men’s shirts!

“We have over 10 years of experience manufacturing women’s clothing for the leading retailers in the world and this expertise has been the platform for the Bella line. In producing for these top retailers we had to meet the highest and most stringent of quality standards. In creating Bella, we applied these strict guidelines to our product line. We wanted only the softest yarns, the highest standards of sewing construction, the longest wearability and most importantly, the best fit. This dedication to quality, consistency and striving to be best has led us to become the #1 supplier of ladies clothing in our industry.”

The company is based in L.A., and I’ve ordered items from Bella that clients have been happy with, but again, as I’ve stated in part one of this article series, it’s a personal choice. You really need to look at different brands and decide which is best for you.

The cut of the shirt, the material, the styling and even a special treatment might be necessary for a company’s customized shirts. So take time making a decision and do the research. If there is no time, we’re always happy to do the research.

There are other brands not mentioned here including Alternative apparel, Izod, Van Heusen, Next Level, Sierra Pacific, and more, so there’s always more to investigate.

As the old song goes,

“Now, the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum,
What might be right for you, may not be right for some.
A man is born, he’s a man of means.
Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans.

But they got, Diff’rent Strokes.
It takes, Diff’rent Strokes.
It takes, Diff’rent Strokes to move the world.

This concludes a look at different brands in the industry for customized shirts. But keep an eye out for more information on this in our blog. Thanks for reading!

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Brands To Choose For Your Company’s Customized Shirts

customized shirts

There are many brands to choose from when shopping for blanks for printing of customized shirts. Depending on budget, you may opt for a premium brand, go with a lower-budget option or stick with a standard, middle-of-the-road option. In this article we’ll go into various options, but whichever is chosen, know that prices vary, week to week. This is a two part article. Here is part one:

Distributors For Custom Apparel

Every company that prints and/or embroiders customized shirts purchases their shirts either direct from the mills or from a distributor. Most come from a distributor who acts as a middle-man between the mills and the printer/embroiderer. There are about a dozen of the top distributors in the US, and they work wholesale only.  Proof of being a printing or embroidering business must be furnished to the distributor before a company can even get pricing from them. Otherwise deal with an online company that distributes blank shirts, but chances are you’ll pay more, and spend a lot of time shopping

As a diligent printing company, we shop around for our clients, calling all the distributors for the best price on the particular item that our client requests. Each distributor has weekly sales, so we have to call around to find out who has the best deal on the item that our client needs. Once we get the best price, we can order the items and usually get them into our customized shirts printing facility within a day or two. In the case of a backordered item though, it can take longer. Sometimes a lot longer. But that’s the nature of the business.

Choosing a brand for company customized shirts

Ok, here’s what you came for. What brand should be bought for company custom apparel? Here’s an overview of the most popular brands. Keep in mind, it’s all subjective opinion. Just like with any other product, much is subject to interpretation. Some prefer eating steak, some prefer hamburger, some prefer products made by Apple, some prefer Microsoft, and on and on. So let’s take a look at each…

1. American Apparel- “Based in downtown Los Angeles, California. We currently employ approximately 10,000 people globally (about 5,000 in LA), and operate more than 285 retail stores in 20 countries…The company operates the largest garment factory in the United States, at a time when most apparel production has moved offshore. With our recently opened stores in China, we are now selling Made in USA clothing in the largest consumer market in the world.”

This is a premium brand, known for being made in the U.S. The AA#2001 is the unisex t shirt that seems to be their best seller. They offer a tighter fit than many other brands, and people consider them the softest cotton brand. Are they the softest? In my opinion, yes, but the cost will be almost twice as much for this brand. Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, or any other “standard” brand will save quite a bit of money. They offer a lot more than t shirts. They have retail stores where one can touch and feel their products as well.

2. Gildan- “Gildan produces Activewear for both the Wholesale and Retail market. Gildan currently produces Hosiery for the Retail market. Gildan’s Wholesale division is the leading supplier of activewear for the screen-print market in the United States, Canada, and Europe… The Company sells T-shirts, sport shirts and fleece in large quantities to wholesale distributors as undecorated “blanks.” These “blanks” are subsequently decorated by screen-printers with designs and logos. Consumers ultimately purchase Gildan labeled products at venues such as sporting events, concerts, and tourism destination gift shops. Consumers might also receive Gildan labeled product in a promotional package at a corporate event or athletic race.”

The Gildan 2000 is a very popular t shirt. It offers a boxier look that the more fitted American Apparel, and many prefer it. Again, it’s all about personal preference. Gildan is cut bigger than AA though, so keep that in mind when choosing sizes. They also offer nice polos that are reasonably priced.

3. Hanes- “Hanes (founded in 1901) and Hanes Her Way (founded in 1986) are brands of apparel currently owned by the HanesBrands, Inc Corporation. The Hanes brand is used by the company for marketing a broad range of apparel essentials…In September 2006, Sara Lee Corporation spun off its branded apparel Americas and Asia business as a separate company called Hanesbrands Inc., which designs, manufactures, sources and sells a broad range of apparel essentials…”

They do a lot of advertising, don’t they? Yes, we see them all over TV with their Michael Jordan commercials, and perhaps because of that, they are a popular brand, but they’ve been around for a lot longer than those commercials. A reputable brand that is cut similar to Gildan, and a safe middle of the road bet.

It’s possible to opt for the Hanes 5180 6.1oz ringspun Beefy T or the Hanes 5280 5.5oz Heavyweight when it comes to t-shirts. Good quality 100% cotton and 50/50 polos are available as well.

4. Fruit of the loom- “Fruit of the Loom was born in 1851 when brothers Benjamin and Robert Knight bought their first mill and started producing cotton cloth and textiles in Warwick, Rhode Island. In 1871, Fruit of the Loom® was registered as an official trademark, making it one of the world’s oldest brands — predating the invention of light bulbs, cars and telephones! Today, more than 160 years later, Fruit of the Loom is now a global underwear and casualwear business, employing more than 32,000 people worldwide. Our colorful T-shirts and underwear are known by consumers in all corners of the globe and our name is synonymous with providing quality, value and style.”

This company is the oldest, but for some reason they are not as well-known to the younger generations as some of the other “hotter” brands. this could be because they stopped doing much of their mass advertising a few years ago. My guess is that they have become so entrenched with the older generations that they don’t think they need to advertise, but that will change when the older generations become…older. The shirts are good quality and I’ve never had a complaint about them. the 3930 is 100% cotton and one of my go-to shirts, especially popular with custom t shirt printing for schools. They also offer nine different polos, both with and without chest pockets.

To be continued…

This article on Customized Shirts was written by Michael Nova.

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