Why Give Away Free T-Shirts to Promote your Business?

Promote your BusinessAt first thought, you might not think that it’s a very prudent move to give away free t-shirts to promote your business, but as we shall see in this post, it can actually be a very smart thing to do.

Brand Awareness – It’s More Than Just Advertising

Advertising is but one facet of branding. Advertising is when you promote a certain product or service, special offers etc., while brand promotion is when you promote the general image of your entire business. Both advertising and branding promote awareness of your business, but it is brand promotion that gives you real freedom and opportunity to be creative. This is your chance to impress the customer, and expand the market’s knowledge of your existence in fun and interesting ways.

Give the Customer Something Valuable

Yes, it is true – as a branding tool, t-shirts cost more than other things like flyers, stickers, mouse mats, fridge magnets and tote bags. But in exchange for this extra expense, there are a number of key benefits, and these can translate into a better image of your business and brand, and more effective brand exposure. This in turn translates into higher sales, and when done correctly, these sales will exceed the cost of creating the custom printed t-shirts. And don’t forget – there are plenty of ways to save lots of money on printed t-shirts, without sacrificing quality or creativity.

T-shirts are becoming more and more popular.  In fact, they are considered by many in the industry  as one of the best promotional items in the world.  It is however possible that your particular customers might prefer golf shirts or polo shirts to t-shirts. it all depends on your target audience.  Think about your customer.  What kind of shirt would they prefer?

The t-shirt design must feature something memorable about your business. Think of how you want to brand your business, and that should be featured in your design.  This is the whole point of making promotional items. Once you have established a design that works, you can purchase in bulk and make big savings.

Branding Products That Don’t End Up in the Trash

Consumers love to receive promotional wearables, and as long as you know how to create a great t-shirt printing design, they will happily wear them. When you give customers free t-shirts, you are welcoming them to the club and asking them to be an ambassador for your brand. This makes them feel special and improves their perception of your brand. That particular customer will be much more likely to buy from you again, and just as importantly, wherever they go with your custom printed t-shirt, they are helping to advertise your brand to a potentially huge number of people. Think of them as walking billboards.

Promote Your Business on a Budget

Most start-ups simply cannot afford to invest in major advertising channels. Free t-shirts give you a great way to achieve the same results as commercial or conventional print advertising, but on a smaller scale.  Because t-shirts are more personal way to communicate your brand than these other forms of advertising, they can be very effective in building positive brand image in the early stages.


Hopefully this article will have convinced you why you should give away free printed t-shirts to promote your business. But remember: if you truly want to benefit, then you need to think carefully about the content and the design of your t-shirts.  After all, if you’ve ever looked through t-shirts at Goodwill, find many promotional t-shirts that are just boring.  Don’t let your design fall onto the boring rack. Today’s customers won’t settle for just any old boring t-shirt, so think outside the box and get creative!


Five Ways To Save Up to 75% On Custom Printed T-Shirts

custom printed t-shirtsThe cost of promotional printing can sometimes be high when you are on a limited budget, so how can you save money on custom printed t-shirts to promote your business?


We get many calls per day inquiring about printing small quantities of shirts.  People call for quantities ranging from six units to several dozen units, but the simple truth is, it’s very difficult to get a good deal on such a small quantity, because of the set up of the job


 The Basics Of Saving  On Custom Printed T-Shirts

When you order custom printed shirts for silkscreen printing,  physical screens for printing need to be made, and that is incorporated into the price of the shirts. By ordering more shirts, you can always get a much better deal.  The more you print,  the better the price. this is why quantity matters.


A Look At The Numbers Of Custom T-Shirt Printing

So let’s say you need a dozen white shirts printed with only one color on the front. Ordering just three dozen shirts would save you over 50% per unit. Ordering six dozen would be an even better deal.   Take a look at these estimated numbers:

12 white shirts, printed with one color on one side only= about $13.50 each

36 white shirts, printed with one color on one side only= about $6.50 each

72 white shirts, printed with one color on one side only= about $4.00 each

144 white shirts, printed with one color on one side only= about $3.00 each


You can see that even changing your quantity slightly results in a much lower price. This is why quantity is the number one variable to consider when you are trying to save money on printing.


Other Factors That Determine Promotional Printing Prices

There are other specific variables that can affect the pricing:

Variable number two would be the brand you choose.  For instance,  American Apparel is a very popular brand.  It also costs twice as much as Hanes, Gildan, or Fruit of the Loom. Is it worth more? That really depends on personal taste. By choosing a basic  brand, rather than a premium brand,  you can save 50% or more.


 Style Of Shirt

The third variable that affects pricing is the style of shirt.  Obviously,  a long sleeved shirt will cost more than a short sleeved shirt.  Anything that is not “standard” will cost more.  Anything that is not the most basic type of shirt will cost more.  That’s why short sleeve t-shirts are always the lowest cost option. Also consider, in almost all cases, white shirts will always cost less than colored shirts. Even choosing a white shirt over the same colored shirt will save you 40% on the cost of the shirt itself.  Again, this can save you 40-75% or more.


Locations To Be Printed

The fourth variable is how many locations on the shirt do you want to print?   Do you want to  print just the front?  Or do you want to print the front and back?  Or the front, back, and both sleeves?  Or just one sleeve?   All of these options will affect the price.  The more locations you print on the garment, the more expensive the price will be.  Conversely, a single location on the shirt will be least expensive. Depending on how many locations you print, this can save you between 10 – 50% of your budget.


Number Of Colors In T-Shirt Design

The fifth variable is that the number of colors printed on your shirt will affect the price as well. If you are looking to save money, less colors equals less cost. Choosing a nice, well-balanced t-shirt design in one color will achieve better results than a poor design with many colors. Also keep in mind that when printing on dark colors, a white under base needs to be laid down first to make light colors stand out on a dark shirt, which means you are paying for an extra color of ink. With all the possibilities here,  we are talking about  a 10 to 20% savings for one versus two color, and a 75% savings when going down from six colors to one color.


Why Order More T-Shirts Than Needed?

But simpler than anything, as we led off with, the quantity will make the biggest difference. So what if you only need a few shirts?   Why would you want to order more than you need?   This is a question that you can only answer for yourself.  If there is a possibility for you to use extra shirts, then it will be more than worth the extra expense, as illustrated  above.  If however, you have no need for extra shirts, there really is no reason to get a higher quantity, regardless of the savings.


Interestingly enough, as I am writing this article, I just got a call from a client where they had a specific budget that they wanted to stay within, but in order to stay within that budget, they had to lose 25% of the quantity. In other words,  the quantity they wanted was $60 over their budget. When weighing the numbers, it became a ridiculous proposition to sacrifice 25% of the quantity that they wanted in order to save $60. They elected to go with the quantity they wanted for the extra $60. This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  Honestly, I did not do any kind of hard sell here.  We just compared the two quantities versus prices together and it became a no-brainer for both of us to see.


How Printing Prices Go Down As Quantity Goes Up

Bottom line, we’ve shown you how the price goes down with quantity, so if you can stretch your budget to accommodate  a higher quantity, it’s always best to do so. Once the set up is created,  the unit price goes down as the quantity goes up. The reason is that it is less expensive for any printer to set up and print a higher quantity of any single design than it is to set up and print a smaller quantity of a single design.


If there is one piece of advice I can give you  regarding printing, it is never order the minimum quantity,  because that will cost you more than anything.  Be smart and go for higher quantities, and you can save your budget over 75% or more.


T Shirt Screen Printing Season


Boy it’s hot outside, and that means… It’s T Shirt Screen Printing Season! This is the busiest time of the year for us. (Notice the lack of posts on our blog? Who has time to write? LOL). But I snuck this one in just to let you know what’s happening. We’re currently printing promotional t shirts for the US Open. Yes, that’s right. The biggest tennis event in the USA! We’re also doing our typical 24-hour rush turnaround for everyone this time of year. Even though we’re packed to the gills with work, we can always handle more, since we’re networked nationwide with facilities across the U.S.

But enough about us, how can we help you? This time of year is great for printing shirts to promote your company. Everyone’s wearing t-shirts this time of year through September, and that’s why everyone’s ordering now. Typical turnaround is two weeks, but of course we can do rush orders.

If you’re on a budget, you can do a white shirt with a one color imprint for less than $4.00 each at 72 units. $2.55 for 500 units. Those are very inexpensive promotional items that will last for at least several years with normal wear and tear. And people love to wear shirts featuring logos from companies they support. All you have to do is peek your head outside your door, and you’ll notice someone wearing a promotional t-shirt.

Striking while the iron is hot, literally, will be worth it at this time of year because the more people are wearing your shirt, the more promotion you’re getting. In the winter, everyone’s covered up, but now is the time to take advantage of what nature’s giving you.

The other thing to consider is the proliferation of cell phones in our society right now. People are literally taking pictures of cool t shirts they see, typing in phone #’s and visiting website URLs displayed on shirts. So putting your company information on shirts is always a great idea, but now, more than ever. This is only going to increase with the rise of social networking.

We’ve got everyone from food companies, to cosmetics, to industrials, to TV shows, to charities ordering shirts now because they know what they’re doing. Taking advantage of the peak season.

If you haven’t worked with us before, head over to our facebook page where we’re offering a cool $25 off your first order. That plus our already low-cost pricing makes this a no-brainer IMO. Can you tell I’m a big believer in t-shirt promotion? Absolutely, not just because I sell them, but because they really work.

When you see a cool t-shirt design, it makes you take notice. Sometimes you may even get a “cool t shirt” comment. Hopefully that comes from someone you’re attracted to if you’re single, but even if not, it’s obvious that it’s an attention-grabber, and isn’t that what advertising is all about?

So whether you get that comment from the next love of your life or someone you can’t wait to get away from, either way it shows you have good taste! 🙂

How Screen Printed T Shirts Can Help Charities Raise Funds

screen printed t shirts for charity

Screen Printed T Shirts have been used for many years to help get the word out to help charitable causes, whether they are specific-cause based, as in raising funds for an area hit by a natural disaster, or organization-based, to help raise funds for an organization.

Visibility is the key to any institution’s success, but this might be a problem for charitable organizations who relies solely on donors and philanthropists for funding. Utilizing mainstream advertising can cause thousands of dollars that will only be aired for a limited period of time. A good solution to this is the use of affordable printed T shirts to get your cause publicized in the public eye.

Unfortunately, naturally occurring disasters are becoming  commonplace recently.

Now after Hurricane Sandy, The recent Oklahoma tornado is the latest in a series of weather-related disasters to hit the U.S.

“The tornado was estimated to be at least two miles wide at one point as it moved through Moore, in the southern part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area… The preliminary rating of the tornado was at least EF4 (166 to 200 mph), the National Weather Service said.”

With global warming becoming a real problem, we’re seeing more and more of these occurring. It’s a sad situation. But people are banding together to create charities to help the victims of these disasters.

How Screen Printed T Shirts Can Help

The use of printed shirts has been employed by businesses, causes, and charitable institutions for years since it’s a more cost effective way of getting the message out. This is because shirts as they are worn give a more humanized approach to advertising. Your message is conveyed as the person moves around to do their daily routines without bothering them or paying for every minute of exposure.

People mainly wear cause shirts as a way of showing support but they may also wear them to remember their participation in an event, or as a sign of unity, as colors and uniforms create a distinct identity. It also does two things at one time, because it publicizes and clothes at the same time.

Printed Shirts for All Sizes

Creating presence for charities can be a pain due to their limited financial capacity or size. But this can be solved by using the institution’s or cause’s innate resources. Charity institutions that have volunteers and partners can have people wearing the printed shirts while taking part in events and fund-raising activities aside from giving them away or selling them.

Selling them is a great way to raise funds, because you are offering something back to people who are donating. You can offer an option where if a donor donates X amount of dollars, they get a special t-shirt as a gift.

For small charities that are less known and have fewer donors, affording printed shirts for their cause may be a problem due to their limited budget. In this case, since resources are scarce within the institution, tapping other institutions like food establishments and other businesses as sponsors is the key. By doing so, the printed shirts can be a double edged sword for the charity and the sponsors in gaining presence in their own niches.

Getting actors and celebrities to acts as spokespersons for your cause can make a difference as well, and if they can be photographed wearing a shirt supporting the cause, that can be a huge boost to your fundraising.

Depending on the agreement between the charity and the business, profit can be solely taken by charity or shared with the business. Conditional promotions that promise a certain amount for each purchase to the charity or cause are good examples of this set-up. Sometimes, the sponsor will only ask for their trademark or logo to be placed in the t-shirts themselves or in the event’s banner, this can be seen in runs for a cause where shirts are commonly sponsored by sportswear brands.

Getting psychological for  a moment, this form of promotion can take advantage of “bandwagon theory”, where the number of the majority becomes the appealing factor in people’s decision making.  This can be observed in game shows with multiple players with fixed answers A, B, and C. If a player does not know or is in doubt about the answer to the question, and there are more people who answered C than B and A, the player will most likely choose C.

The Nuts and Bolts of Screen printed T shirts

Printing shirts has evolved through the years, from hand crafted to machine operated. Traditionally, shirts were printed through stencilled designs and were pressed into the fabric by an iron, a process that can still be done today. But with the increasing demand for mass production, automatic pressers are now used to evenly apply the ink to the fabric through an emulsified screen with a digitally rendered image.

The ink used for printing on shirts may vary from water-based ink to Plastisol, depending on preference of the printer or presser. Water-based ink, as its name says is primarily made of water with suspended pigments or dyes, which is cured by drying or evaporating the water. On the other hand, Plastisol is an ink made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride that is cured through heating at a range of 300 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit.

Costs Of Custom T Shirt Printing

Lowering costs for printing can be a good way to earn more funding. This can be done by choosing to print with one color alone. The cost is lowered not only due to the reduction in the colors to be used but also in the decrease of the number of screens that will be used. This is because each color is equal to one screen, so if there are eight colors in the design, eight screens will be used.

This doesn’t mean that the appeal of the shirt will dramatically be reduced. The secret to creating beautiful printed shirts is in color combination and design. This means that it is essential to hire a good artist to render the design and keep in mind the principle of striking and neutral combination when choosing a color.

If you have a charity that needs to raise funds, printing low-cost t-shirts can help you raise more funds for your cause or organization. We have numerous charity-based organizations as clients of ours. Please contact us for more information.


Customized Shirts To Promote A TV Show

customized shirts

Customized shirts are a staple in everyday life. You can’t walk a few feet without spotting people wearing custom printed t shirts, sweatshirts or customized hoodies. You can’t go a whole week without at least donning a custom printed shirt for one reason or another. They have survived the fluctuations of fashion trends over the decades and proved that custom shirts are pieces of clothing that are here to stay. And possibly so will anything that happens to be printed on a shirt.

Customized shirts as opportunities for advertisement

A shirt is like walking billboard space that just keeps on giving. Businesses can use them to advertise their companies; various sports teams use them to identify themselves as a united group; publishers use them to promote a book; and bands use them in attempts to not only advertise but immortalize their names.

For these very reasons given above, TV and cable networks and production companies can use these shirts to spread their name, foster a sense of unity among their cast and crew, and leave a lasting impression on anyone who even glances at the shirt bearing the production company’s or network’s logos.

Production companies and networks can use them to advertise through various means. One of which is using shirts as walking billboards. This can be done by first giving these items away as souvenirs or prizes when holding events that hype up the production of the show.

Imagine, there is no telling where and how far the tv show’s logo or slogan on the shirt will go. As people are infinitely more dynamic than conventional billboards and posters in the way that they move around freely. The scope of advertising is unlimited in this way. Also, the length of time it will take for the wearer to stop wearing the networks’ advertisement can turn out to be years.

Unlike billboards, there’s also less restriction on what the design or logo on the shirt will be. Custom printed shirts can be designed in such a way as to pique the interest of the people who will see it, intrigue them by showing them art related to the show that will want them to look it up or at least make a mental note of it for later. Making these shirts limited editions can also make the wearer feel special and particularly endeared to the show.

Cost-wise shirts can be printed for less, so it’s always an affordable way of advertising. Here’s a tip on how to save on printing.

Customized shirts to foster unity among the cast and crew

These printed shirts can also foster a sense of solidarity among the crew who work for the show because when they all wear the shirts together. It gives them a sense of belonging to the bigger picture, of being a part without which the program cannot function or make sense. It helps to bring everyone together under one banner and reminds everyone that they’re all working for the success of one project. It becomes something they can identify with, and it also imparts to them a sense of loyalty to the show because with that unique and limited piece of memorabilia is attached a plethora of fond memories and memories of hardships they have overcome while working on the project.

Whether giving away promotional t shirts, selling customized hoodies to fans, or just outfitting cast and crew with sweatshirts, or any combination of the three, they can all be beneficial to the life of the show. It’s easy to place an order if the choice is a reputable printing company. A good printing company will make the process easy, sending a proof to check before printing, and printing the job in as fast as 24 hours. The process should be simple, and the results should be more than satisfying. Look for a printer that has experience and is reasonably priced, and a memorable promotional garment that can last for years.