The Rise of the Influencers: 2018’s Hot Marketing Trend

According to Forbes, influencer marketing looks to eclipse digital marketing as the latest way businesses can garner more customers. “Many businesses have just gotten the hang of digital marketing,” you may say. “Now, I have to switch gears—again?”   No, a business doesn’t need to completely switch gears to adjust to this trend. Especially when … Read more

Five Ways To Save Up to 75% On Custom Printed T-Shirts

The cost of promotional printing can sometimes be high when you are on a limited budget, so how can you save money on custom printed t-shirts to promote your business?   We get many calls per day inquiring about printing small quantities of shirts.  People call for quantities ranging from six units to several dozen … Read more

T Shirt Printing Design

So you want to create a great t-shirt printing design, but not sure where to start.  Well, t shirts that really make you think, “wow” are always carefully planned.  Let’s go over all the aspects of a well-designed t-shirt. T-shirt design shape Bet you didn’t think that the shape of the design would make a … Read more