Guidelines and Tips for Holiday Business Gifts

The holiday season is approaching! Although the holidays are supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” many adults find the holidays stressful, with gift-giving topping the list. As a small business owner, you have the extra burden of selecting gifts for your customers, employees, and service providers. Making these decisions can induce … Read more

How to Use Storytelling to Market A Business

One of the latest trends in marketing isn’t so new after all—as Forbes writer Steve Olenski points out. It’s storytelling—and it’s as ancient as humankind itself.   The world’s great religions, after all, used story to get their point across, as did ancient philosophers—like Socrates. So did cave people, as drawings uncovered by archaeologists reveal. … Read more

Branding Basics for a New Business

When a business starts out, its owners may focus so much on the manufacturing, sales, and legal aspects of its work that it doesn’t set itself apart from its competition by a distinctive brand. Many owners feel as if the merchandise and services themselves will set the business apart.   Rarely so. If customers cannot … Read more