How Giveaways Can Help You Market Your Business

Market your business

Have you ever been by one of those ubiquitous booths at fairs, conventions, or job fairs where businesses are handing out junk? Key fobs (who doesn’t have 100 of those already), can openers that barely function, or just plain trifold brochures extolling the history and personnel of the business abound. Yawn. You don’t want to be rude and refuse the free gift, but you don’t want the stuff, either. After all, you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, not to contribute to the volume in landfills.

You’ve just put yourself into the customers’ shoes. Now start thinking as a business owner. If you want to give away a product that has zero chance of getting thrown into the junk heap, consider giving away products that people actually can use. Here are some suggestions that won’t end up becoming clutter in someone’s junk drawer:

Give Away Food in Attractive, Reusable Containers: No one in their right mind will turn away food. Just giving it away will set you a couple of notches above your competitors, unless it’s a stale package of crackers. People will associate your company with all of the good vibes that come over folks when they enjoy good food.

Yet if that food bearing your company’s logo is packaged in something that has no aesthetic value even after the item is consumed, you’ve lost a chance to maintain those vibes. Why not find a low-cost, yet attractive container for the food that will find its way into your customers’ homes as a treasured decoration or as an object for daily use?

The key is good taste. Your tastefully-designed logo can go on coffee mugs, beverage glasses, and other items that may serve their owners well for years as casual beverage and snack containers. Inside can go your edibles—a package of freshly-ground coffee, a couple of high-end chocolates from a famed chocolatier, or a few gaily-decorated tea cakes. You are, after all, building your brand. Don’t build your brand with a junk food foundation. Build it with quality.

Give Away Useful Items: At one time, the aforementioned key fobs and can openers were great ideas. But after nearly every business started handing them out, people’s junk drawers soon overflowed with the stuff. Instead of handing out the usual junk, find unique giveaways that will promote your business while helping make your customers’ lives easier.

A generation ago, businesses gave away matches to their customers. Just like today’s key fobs, though, there became a glut on the market. So businesses stopped giving them away.

Yet people still need matches. In the winter and spring, storms often cut off electrical power. Without your matches, they would be in the dark. Every time that they light up a candle, they will think of your company when they see your logo on the matchbook. Since most other businesses have not rediscovered this inexpensive but clever idea, why don’t you try it?

Other useful items that are not overused are appointment books, fly swatters, pill cases, and contact lens cases—just for starters. If you select a promotional giveaway that dovetails with your business, even better.

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon on Nova Custom T Shirt Printing

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Marketing Your Business With A Memorable Slogan

Promoting your brandOne of the most subtle, but effective ways to enhance marketing your business is the slogan. Get it right, and you’ll capture hearts to the tunes of millions if your product stacks up as good as your slogan.


Even if you don’t get it right on the first try, you’ve created curiosity—a conversation starter that can help you introduce your product to people whose lives it could improve.


Just ask any cow. Remember “Got Milk?” That two-word slogan created a revolution in the beverage industry. Now it adorns everything from billboards to T-shirts—and has inspired hundreds of knockoffs.

Generate ideas


If you are not creative, you might consider hiring a professional that can come up with a slogan that will brand your business. At the very least, such a talent will help you get your own creative juices going. When you come up with some ideas, toss them out there to a few carefully-chosen people for their opinion.


Of those slogans that come out on top of your informal survey, choose the one that you think will do a more effective job of creating an indelible image in the minds of potential customers. If it is catchy and it conjures up an image of your brand, it’s a winner. Choose the one out of all those that will best pique public curiosity.

Promoting  business


Next, create a way to promote your brand with that slogan. Use it as your signature in every email you send. You would be surprised at what even such a subtle message can do.


That’s just the beginning. Use your new slogan to pique the interest of your Facebook fans. Hashtag it for Pinterest and Twitter—and post information that will help your customers conquer some of their challenges along with your slogan. After all, creating solutions for your customers is what business—any business—is all about.


Post photos that illustrate your brand with your new slogan as the caption. Ask your best customers and fans to post their own photos that illustrate your slogan.


Even better, create a contest on Facebook or another social media site. Offer some merchandise or services to those who best help you market your business by their creative use of your new slogan. Not only will you get some great publicity for your new slogan out of their efforts, but you will also get your goods and services into the winners’ hands for some free word-of-mouth advertising.

Promote Slogans


Slogans work great on wearable advertisements such as T-shirts, hoodies, scarves, and other apparel. With people walking around town with your slogan on their backs, you will create plenty of buzz about your brand. The catchier the slogan, the more questions people will ask.


What a great opportunity for you and your employees to engage in conversations about what you have to offer your customers! Give these wearable advertisements away to your employees, your best customers, to potential customers, and to curiosity seekers to create more conversations around town about your product.


Again, there is no better way to make your business stand out than to stir up curiosity. By creating a memorable slogan, you will do just that. By putting that slogan out there on carefully-selected promotional material, you will put your brand at the forefront of your industry. Just ask the cows.


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Promoting Your Brand To Make Your T-Shirt Designs Stand Out

Promoting your brand

When you’ve decided to make (and sell or give away) t-shirts to promote your brand, you need to confirm first that you really understand your brand and yourself. Before you move on to the secondary steps of brainstorming, designing, and printing t-shirts, you need to start at the foundational level: your brand, and going to an even more foundational level, yourself. Since you would hope your brand would be a reflection of who you are, you have to work on making sure you don’t jump the gun to designing your t-shirts without considering how they reflect yourself.


In Order To Create A T-Shirt, First Create Yourself


Do you remember the old line by Carl Sagan, a wry & witty observation, in his PBS series Cosmos? He said, “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the Universe.” In other words, if you really want an authentic brand, you have to go back really far and go down really deep to find out who you are and then create a brand that reflects who you are. Only then, can you make a t-shirt design to reflect that brand.


Promoting Your Brand


If you want people to identify with your brand, and then wear your branded t-shirts as a result of their strong emotional and personal identification with your brand, then you’ve got to become your own personal brand. You want people to identify with you.  When they identify with you, what the shirt looks like doesn’t even matter, because they just want to be close to you and show other people that they like you.  It’s about liking you, so what is it about you that makes people like you?  What makes you unique?


Some of the business and political greats, men like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Mark Ecko, Steve Jobs, and Jim Henson, understood how to craft their personal brand very well. In order to elicit such strong emotional reactions from people – and to make their words more powerful, their products sell better, and their brand more loved – they had to become the brand.


Everything these great men said, sold, or marketed was so desirable because of who they were and how strongly people identified with them.


Successful entrepreneur Mark Ecko says that how people look at you, feel you, understand you, and make assumptions about you are all part of your personal brand. Whatever your product or service, you are the one selling it.


When you’re trying to make your t-shirt designs stand out, and to promote and reinforce your brand as well, you need to do two things:


  • To people who know and love the brand (which is a reflection of you), it should be clear what the shirt represents and make them want to wear it.
  • To those who aren’t aware of your brand, it should be interesting enough to pique their curiosity and make them want to wear it.


You don’t need to think about a million different things, or get lost in the details of typefaces and colors, or get bogged down in the myriad iterations of your t-shirt designs. Of course, you need smart, creative, and capable people coming up with these designs. But, you need to make sure that they are well informed about your brand. That is all you need to do. This is because their designs should reflect your personal brand.


What T-Shirts Are And Aren’t


T-shirts aren’t just


  • A fast way to monetize your blog
  • Money-making venture
  • Very fun to make

T-shirts are…

  • A community builder
  • A brand builder
  • Very fun


T-Shirt Designs Will Sell Themselves If You Sell Brand First


If consumers already identify with, know and love your brand, then t-shirts are going to sell themselves.  remember, it doesn’t matter so much what you’re T-shirts look like.  What’s more important is having people like and respect you, and them wanting to let others know that they like and respect you.



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Why Give Away Free T-Shirts to Promote your Business?

Promote your BusinessAt first thought, you might not think that it’s a very prudent move to give away free t-shirts to promote your business, but as we shall see in this post, it can actually be a very smart thing to do.

Brand Awareness – It’s More Than Just Advertising

Advertising is but one facet of branding. Advertising is when you promote a certain product or service, special offers etc., while brand promotion is when you promote the general image of your entire business. Both advertising and branding promote awareness of your business, but it is brand promotion that gives you real freedom and opportunity to be creative. This is your chance to impress the customer, and expand the market’s knowledge of your existence in fun and interesting ways.

Give the Customer Something Valuable

Yes, it is true – as a branding tool, t-shirts cost more than other things like flyers, stickers, mouse mats, fridge magnets and tote bags. But in exchange for this extra expense, there are a number of key benefits, and these can translate into a better image of your business and brand, and more effective brand exposure. This in turn translates into higher sales, and when done correctly, these sales will exceed the cost of creating the custom printed t-shirts. And don’t forget – there are plenty of ways to save lots of money on printed t-shirts, without sacrificing quality or creativity.

T-shirts are becoming more and more popular.  In fact, they are considered by many in the industry  as one of the best promotional items in the world.  It is however possible that your particular customers might prefer golf shirts or polo shirts to t-shirts. it all depends on your target audience.  Think about your customer.  What kind of shirt would they prefer?

The t-shirt design must feature something memorable about your business. Think of how you want to brand your business, and that should be featured in your design.  This is the whole point of making promotional items. Once you have established a design that works, you can purchase in bulk and make big savings.

Branding Products That Don’t End Up in the Trash

Consumers love to receive promotional wearables, and as long as you know how to create a great t-shirt printing design, they will happily wear them. When you give customers free t-shirts, you are welcoming them to the club and asking them to be an ambassador for your brand. This makes them feel special and improves their perception of your brand. That particular customer will be much more likely to buy from you again, and just as importantly, wherever they go with your custom printed t-shirt, they are helping to advertise your brand to a potentially huge number of people. Think of them as walking billboards.

Promote Your Business on a Budget

Most start-ups simply cannot afford to invest in major advertising channels. Free t-shirts give you a great way to achieve the same results as commercial or conventional print advertising, but on a smaller scale.  Because t-shirts are more personal way to communicate your brand than these other forms of advertising, they can be very effective in building positive brand image in the early stages.


Hopefully this article will have convinced you why you should give away free printed t-shirts to promote your business. But remember: if you truly want to benefit, then you need to think carefully about the content and the design of your t-shirts.  After all, if you’ve ever looked through t-shirts at Goodwill, find many promotional t-shirts that are just boring.  Don’t let your design fall onto the boring rack. Today’s customers won’t settle for just any old boring t-shirt, so think outside the box and get creative!


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