T Shirt Screen Printing Season


Boy it’s hot outside, and that means… It’s T Shirt Screen Printing Season! This is the busiest time of the year for us. (Notice the lack of posts on our blog? Who has time to write? LOL). But I snuck this one in just to let you know what’s happening. We’re currently printing promotional t shirts for the US Open. Yes, that’s right. The biggest tennis event in the USA! We’re also doing our typical 24-hour rush turnaround for everyone this time of year. Even though we’re packed to the gills with work, we can always handle more, since we’re networked nationwide with facilities across the U.S.

But enough about us, how can we help you? This time of year is great for printing shirts to promote your company. Everyone’s wearing t-shirts this time of year through September, and that’s why everyone’s ordering now. Typical turnaround is two weeks, but of course we can do rush orders.

If you’re on a budget, you can do a white shirt with a one color imprint for less than $4.00 each at 72 units. $2.55 for 500 units. Those are very inexpensive promotional items that will last for at least several years with normal wear and tear. And people love to wear shirts featuring logos from companies they support. All you have to do is peek your head outside your door, and you’ll notice someone wearing a promotional t-shirt.

Striking while the iron is hot, literally, will be worth it at this time of year because the more people are wearing your shirt, the more promotion you’re getting. In the winter, everyone’s covered up, but now is the time to take advantage of what nature’s giving you.

The other thing to consider is the proliferation of cell phones in our society right now. People are literally taking pictures of cool t shirts they see, typing in phone #’s and visiting website URLs displayed on shirts. So putting your company information on shirts is always a great idea, but now, more than ever. This is only going to increase with the rise of social networking.

We’ve got everyone from food companies, to cosmetics, to industrials, to TV shows, to charities ordering shirts now because they know what they’re doing. Taking advantage of the peak season.

If you haven’t worked with us before, head over to our facebook page where we’re offering a cool $25 off your first order. That plus our already low-cost pricing makes this a no-brainer IMO. Can you tell I’m a big believer in t-shirt promotion? Absolutely, not just because I sell them, but because they really work.

When you see a cool t-shirt design, it makes you take notice. Sometimes you may even get a “cool t shirt” comment. Hopefully that comes from someone you’re attracted to if you’re single, but even if not, it’s obvious that it’s an attention-grabber, and isn’t that what advertising is all about?

So whether you get that comment from the next love of your life or someone you can’t wait to get away from, either way it shows you have good taste! 🙂