Winter Sport Venue Promotion During the Holiday Season

promotional-ideasWinter sport venues, such as ice skating rinks and ski resorts, do a booming business over the holidays and the days leading up to them. Yet often their business tapers off after the holiday excitement is over. Those businesses, however, can use the holiday season to cultivate business long after the decorations have been put away for the next holiday by using a few promotional ideas to help extend the holiday spirit.

Cultivate a Sense of Belonging for Gift Recipients

During the pre-holiday season, people look for gifts that will please the recipients. For a winter sports enthusiast, nothing could be better than some free passes to their favorite venue, along with some promotional gear that tells the world, “I belong.”
For many people, their affiliation with a particular sport or with a particular venue is very important to them. Most people like the sense of belonging to a certain group. Most people gravitate to their own tribe, after all.
How about combining a gift package, then, that includes both passes to the venue combined with custom imprinted jackets, hoodies, or sweaters with the venue’s logo displayed proudly? It is one thing to be able to go skiing, for instance, but to also be able to go around in public declaring their affiliation with that venue—and the prestige associated with it—elevates the gift to unforgettable.
Not only will it be unforgettable for the recipient, but it will also be unforgettable for those who see the person walking around proudly displaying the venue’s logo. The recipient’s pride and enthusiasm in wearing his team colors will spill over to her or his friends, who may also want to become part of such a fine group.

Sweeten the Holiday Pot With Discount Coupons for After-Holiday Fun

To sweeten the deal, venues could also include discount coupons with gifts over a certain amount. Even after the tickets or lessons are over, those discount coupons will entice the recipient to come back for more. Rare are the people who can resist discount coupons staring them in the face.

Cultivate a Sense of Mastery by Offering Lesson Packages With Holiday Promotions

Lessons, too, can be combined with customized shirts and promotional apparel. Whether children, youth, or adults, all sports enthusiasts love learning how to perform better in their chosen sport. Mastery of new skills creates a sense of pride. Nothing can be a better advertisement for the expertise of a venue’s sport professionals than a the sense of achievement and confidence projected by someone who has just mastered a new skill and shows it by promoting the venue that taught her or him the skill.
For the recipient, such a gift will create a bond that will go on giving for years afterward. A wearable reminder of those good times will create good feelings every time she or he wears it. For the venue, though, the gift will pay for itself through the increased business gained through a promotional tool for which someone else—the gift giver—has footed the bill.

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