How to Choose a Custom T-Shirt Printing Company


Probably one of the best and thoughtful gifts one can give a loved one is a personalized item. And one thing that quickly comes to mind is a custom-printed shirt that best personifies the person who will wear it. If someone decides on printing customized shirts, they would need to first know how to choose a reputable custom t shirt printing company.

Aside from being gifts, custom t shirts are a good way to promote business. Have a logo and slogan or anything that best characterizes a business printed boldly on shirts is a surefire way to attract some attention to an endeavor. You can add as much information as needed to get that attention at no extra cost, because it’s not the amount of information printed that affects the cost but the number of colors.

Another reason for having customized shirts made is that you can use them to showcase an event or a cause where members of a charitable group are dressed in the same garments. A show of solidarity for a certain cause can only help.

The concept of oneness can also be expressed through printed shirts in bulk. This allows for showing how proud someone is of the team or group they belong to. School organizations, company divisions, families and other groups can show their teamwork with custom printed tops. Also, team building events, family reunions and the like are more fun when dressing alike.

Finally, custom printed shirts are a good way to express thought and show some creativity.

Tips on How to Choose a Custom T Shirt Printing Company

  1. Do some research. Go around town and visit numerous printing shops. The more we know, the better grasp we’ll have of the ins and outs of customized shirts. As much as possible, get to know their history, experience, and reviews from previous clients.
  2.  Such companies can also be found on the Internet. Surely, a search will yield bombardment with different websites offering their services. Take time to study each one. Most importantly, choose a company that prints for real companies and features those client’s logos on their website. They should also be in business for at least five years, preferably longer.
  3. We recently wrote an article entitled, “How to save on custom t shirt printing.” Read it to learn about how prices are computed, and use that as an advantage.
  4. Another important thing to look for in a printing company is their design features. Of course the basics and ideas of the design will come from the client. But a good T shirt printing company will advise of all details by phone or email before the printing commences. Additionally, they also need to be able to offer custom design services should that be needed.
  5. Another thing to consider as the shirt itself. They should be able to provide a variety of materials and styles like sweatshirts, jackets, jerseys, and tank tops, aside from the standard T shirt. Here is a link on choosing the right brand of shirt.
  6. There should also be a number of printing options. The best printing company is able to do old-school printing using screen prints while still updated with the latest in printing technology.

Why One Should Know How to Choose a Custom T Shirt Printing Company

  • Assurance of the products will be of high quality
  • Less risk of getting ripped off by bogus companies
  • Leeway on the price as you can choose a company based on your budget
  • No hidden charges or surprise fees
  • Allows one to get the best customer service and have an open line of communication
  • Assurance that products will be delivered at the time agreed upon.

Again, reputability is important, because it is important to make sure the job is in the hands of someone who prides themselves on the quality of their work.

Once you see how easy it is to see the process of designing and selling shirts,  you may decide to start your own t shirt design business!



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How to Start a Custom T Shirt Printing Business

custom t shirt printing

If you have the hand for creating art and looking for a way to cash in on that talent, then starting a Custom T Shirt Printing business is a good idea. Custom made t-shirts with original designs can be a big hit! Below are some pointers on starting a t-shirt design business.

Tips on Starting a Custom T Shirt Printing Business- The Money

Start small. Any kind of business starts from something small and needs a little money to get off the ground. But don’t go overboard. Start with 3-4 of the best designs, and print a minimal amount with a t-shirt printing company that is willing to work with you, so the investment is manageable. The more units that are printed, the cheaper it gets, so order more of less designs, rather than a few of many designs to save money. Then promote your brand. Try teaming up with other websites in a particular niche, and do t-shirt giveaways to get your name out there. If one can get a celebrity to wear the shirts, or provide t shirts to local bands, even better. Give them away. More will be gained back more than what is shelled out.

Be Original

Come up with original concepts. One way to distinguish a custom t shirt printing business from others is using imagination and creativity. Some of the best-selling shirts are the ones that tickle the funny bone. Put some humor and witticism in custom designs and surely they will sell. A creative designer can do spoofs of celebrities, movies, and other “in” things. Another thing, the reason for coming up with original designs is to avoid copyright infringement. Popular stuff can be spoofed as much as anything, but there’s a fine line between “parody” and copyright infringement. Do some research online and  quickly get the idea.

Advertising On A Budget

Advertise smartly. Not paying for giant billboards or TV airtime. Ask family and friends to wear the designs. One can also join contests online.  be big on social media and buy cheap banner ads in the niche online.This is one way to let people know about this artwork.

It’s a Business!

Have a business plan and price structure. It is not enough to just design, print and sell t-shirts. One needs to look further down the road once business is thriving. A target market is important. Most shirt printing businesses prefer young people as their main customers. This is indeed a brilliant idea. However, with so many competitors, penetrating a market that hasn’t been tapped yet can be smart. As for the price, study thoroughly the expenses incurred with the materials and other factors like shirts, cost of running the website, electricity, salaries, and rent rates and permits if there is a shop or a plan to sell at flea markets.

Flea Markets

Speaking of flea markets, the best thing to do is go to the flea markets in the surrounding area and search out vendors who may be competition. Compliment them on their work and ask them how they are doing with their business while telling them that you are planning to start a business. Ask their advice. A discerning eye and heart will be able to tell within seconds if this is a friendly person or a grumpy one who won’t help in the slightest. If they impart any knowledge, be very thankful to them and buy a shirt! After all, they are just like you, and an ally that can point someone in the right direction on which fairs are best, can be a wonderful help.

These are just basic ideas on starting a t-shirt business that a newbie will need to know, but there is so much more. As a business thrives, new skills can be learned and introducing other designs to keep customers interested will become important. But most of all, imagination needs to be kept going, so create as many designs as possible.



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How to Save on Custom T-Shirt Printing

custom t shirt printing

If planning to order printed shirts, consider learning the below tips on how to save on custom t-shirt printing. Many people order custom imprinted items because of a number of reasons. If you want to promote your brand in general, or if there is a specific event given by the school or company, wearing t-shirts with the company or school logo will show people your support. It can also act as a great giveaway to prospective clients, friends and family.

Useful Tips On How To Save On Custom T-Shirt Printing.

If this is the first time ordering custom printed shirts, it is possible to end up paying a lot more than what is allotted in the budget. This is only because of lack of information. The following tips can come in handy…

1. Choosing the right garment

Whether providing  t-shirts or whether the printing shop will provide them, choosing garments wisely to save money on custom t-shirt printing is wise. For example, it is not really need to buy t-shirts from a branded boutique. One can just buy unbranded basic t-shirts in bulk that is a lot cheaper than the branded one. White t-shirts are also cheaper than colored shirts and the print will also be more noticeable. Choosing the right t shirt brand is an art unto itself. Prefer a tried and true brand like Hanes or Fruit Of The Loom, or a more “hip” brand like American Apparel? There are many choices, and price points to choose from, but if budget is a concern, go with a basic brand, like the aforementioned choices.

2. Printing less colors

Another tip on how to save on custom printed t shirts is to reduce the number of colors that is going to be used in the design. A design with one to three colors is a lot cheaper than a design with a full color imprint. Using a single color or a few colors also makes the print look clean and simple, which is something that one should aim for when designing a t-shirt.

3. Printing in a single location

Printing on the chest area and back area will surely be more expensive than printing on the chest area alone. The more locations to be printed on, the more expensive the orders will be. It is not really needed to print all  logos and names on different parts of the t-shirt. One location is enough as long as good location, design, and colors are chosen.

Ordering t shirts in bulk

Here is our most important tip. Ordering customized t-shirts in bulk will save a lot on the bottom line. There will always be ga discount if ordering a larger number of printed shirts. The price per unit goes down with the more quantity. So 500 units is substantially lower in cost per unit than 100. That’s just the way printing works. This can often mean literally dollars of difference per unit, and can often be worth it to pint just a few more for the lower cost, even though the few extra units may not be needed.

Avoiding rush fees

If placing a rush order,it will cost more than if ordering t-shirts in advance. Rush fees will be assessed. This is because the printing shops need to spend extra man hours to finish custom shirt orders on time. Ideally,  an order should be placed several weeks before any deadline to save cash.

As can be seen from this article, saving money can be simple if the customer is making the right choices. We’re always available for advice and we regularly give out free price quotes, so feel free to contact us at any time for recommendations.

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Family Reunion Custom T Shirt Printing

custom t shirt printing

The Importance of Custom T Shirt Printing For Family Reunions

If in search for any details about  family reunion t shirts, you’ll need all the help you can get. It may not sound like a big deal but being in charge of gathering all the members of he immediate clan can be difficult. This is the reason why this needs to be planned well in advance. It may take more than six months to prepare, but despite this, it feels like many things are bound to fail. This can be a very stressful task, but being intent on getting past all obstacles and to succeed despite any kinds of hurdles that might come this way is important.

Gathering Everyone

It is a good thing that the internet provides ample of options on how to get in touch with relatives. The process does not need to be expensive, but this is definitely time consuming. What must first be done is collecting the names of the point of contact for each family group that is going to be part of the event. This will lessen burdens because there will be fewer people that will be followed up with throughout the process.

It is essential that not only their telephone and cell phone numbers be obtained, but also their email addresses, account names at various social networking sites and user names or IDs at other virtual forms of communication.

Forming Committees

Because you are already in charge of getting in touch with people, guess who is the best candidate in disseminating information about the event and in telling people or each family group about their roles or tasks? To make things more organized, keep a record of what has already accomplished and a checklist or what else must be done.

When there is an idea about the approximate number of people who can make it on the agreed date for the occasion, plan on how to purchase customized shirts for the big event.

Why Custom T Shirt Printing for A Family Reunion?

Why bother with customized shirts that everyone must wear during this kind of celebration? Aside from looking great at the photos, the shirts will also be brought back by the attendees at their homes, and these will remind them of the fun memories that everyone had during the event. The shirts will also make everyone feel instantly bonded, especially those who have yet to be introduced to the rest of the clan.

As attendees are contacted and follow-up is achieved, begin asking about the shirt sizes of these people. This will make things easier for all who are busy in organizing the event.

How to Go about Printing Custom T Shirts for a Family Reunion

If one can afford to print shirts for the occasion, then  get the services of printing companies who can also design the shirts. If there is a limited budget though, use your own skills or tap a member of the family to render a simple yet catchy design for the shirts. Is there a design student in the family? Transfer the design on the shirts through silkscreen, direct to garment printing or heat transfers, which are some of the easiest and affordable techniques that you can opt to implement for this project. Make sure you pick the right brand of t shirts, create a nice design, and you’re all set!

This custom t shirt printing article was written by L Taylor for Nova Custom T Shirt Printing & Embroidery

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How Promotional Custom T Shirt Printing Can Turn A Profit For Your Business

custom t shirt printingThe goal of every business is to attract as many customers as possible, and that means having an effective marketing strategy in place. One great way to do that is by handing out promotional gifts to customers, with the understanding that choosing the wrong items can actually have a negative effect on the business. What makes one promotional product more appealing that another is by making it something that the customer can actually use regularly, and there may be nothing that fits the bill better than custom t shirts.

Custom t shirt printing doesn’t have to be an expensive financial outlay for the business, especially when ordering in bulk. Not only is it an incredibly effective way of getting the brand out to the masses, but also takes advantage of a fashion trend that is incredibly hot at the moment. Take a look at the people that come in and quickly notice how many of them are wearing t shirts, many of which are for products and company promotion.

There is a reason why bars and restaurants sell t shirts and polos with their name on it, and that is because they realize that it builds a bond with their customers. Patrons of a bar are happy to sport the logo of the place that they love to hang out, which makes it the ideal win/win situation for the customer and the establishment. The shirt wearer gets a cool piece of clothing that looks great, and the bar gets a little bit of free advertising every time that person chooses to throw on that t shirt.

The other great thing with using custom t shirt printing as part of a marketing strategy is that you are in complete control over how the finished article looks. Go with a simple look with nothing but  the company logo across the chest or come up with a witty slogan or catchphrase, which is actually something that is very popular at the moment. You are also in complete control of the colors  chosen, which is great if to make logos pop off the fabric. The final design will end up being a perfect representation of what  the company is all about, which is exactly what we should be trying to achieve with all advertising efforts.

It’s always a great idea to make  the business seem relevant, and given that custom t shirt printing is so popular right now, giving away that freebie will really make an impression. You will be surprised at just how many people will go out of their way to come to  the business or visit the booth at a trade show when they hear that there is a nicely designed t shirt awaiting them. Making a great looking shirt is a guarantee that the person will wear it again and again, and every time they do, it’s the equivalent of having a horde of human billboards around town at a fraction of the cost.

This Custom T Shirt Printing Article was written by L. Taylor for Nova Custom T Shirt Printing.

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