How to Choose a Custom T-Shirt Printing Company


Probably one of the best and thoughtful gifts one can give a loved one is a personalized item. And one thing that quickly comes to mind is a custom-printed shirt that best personifies the person who will wear it. If someone decides on printing customized shirts, they would need to first know how to choose a reputable custom t shirt printing company.

Aside from being gifts, custom t shirts are a good way to promote business. Have a logo and slogan or anything that best characterizes a business printed boldly on shirts is a surefire way to attract some attention to an endeavor. You can add as much information as needed to get that attention at no extra cost, because it’s not the amount of information printed that affects the cost but the number of colors.

Another reason for having customized shirts made is that you can use them to showcase an event or a cause where members of a charitable group are dressed in the same garments. A show of solidarity for a certain cause can only help.

The concept of oneness can also be expressed through printed shirts in bulk. This allows for showing how proud someone is of the team or group they belong to. School organizations, company divisions, families and other groups can show their teamwork with custom printed tops. Also, team building events, family reunions and the like are more fun when dressing alike.

Finally, custom printed shirts are a good way to express thought and show some creativity.

Tips on How to Choose a Custom T Shirt Printing Company

  1. Do some research. Go around town and visit numerous printing shops. The more we know, the better grasp we’ll have of the ins and outs of customized shirts. As much as possible, get to know their history, experience, and reviews from previous clients.
  2.  Such companies can also be found on the Internet. Surely, a search will yield bombardment with different websites offering their services. Take time to study each one. Most importantly, choose a company that prints for real companies and features those client’s logos on their website. They should also be in business for at least five years, preferably longer.
  3. We recently wrote an article entitled, “How to save on custom t shirt printing.” Read it to learn about how prices are computed, and use that as an advantage.
  4. Another important thing to look for in a printing company is their design features. Of course the basics and ideas of the design will come from the client. But a good T shirt printing company will advise of all details by phone or email before the printing commences. Additionally, they also need to be able to offer custom design services should that be needed.
  5. Another thing to consider as the shirt itself. They should be able to provide a variety of materials and styles like sweatshirts, jackets, jerseys, and tank tops, aside from the standard T shirt. Here is a link on choosing the right brand of shirt.
  6. There should also be a number of printing options. The best printing company is able to do old-school printing using screen prints while still updated with the latest in printing technology.

Why One Should Know How to Choose a Custom T Shirt Printing Company

  • Assurance of the products will be of high quality
  • Less risk of getting ripped off by bogus companies
  • Leeway on the price as you can choose a company based on your budget
  • No hidden charges or surprise fees
  • Allows one to get the best customer service and have an open line of communication
  • Assurance that products will be delivered at the time agreed upon.

Again, reputability is important, because it is important to make sure the job is in the hands of someone who prides themselves on the quality of their work.

Once you see how easy it is to see the process of designing and selling shirts,  you may decide to start your own t shirt design business!