Corporate Clothing: More than Just Threads

corporate clothing

There is more to corporate clothing than just a weave of threads. The clothes that employees wear serve as more than just their own personal fashion statement. There is much to gain by having customized corporate clothing both on the part of the employees and on the part of the employers. The obvious employee benefit is the economic part of not having to buy clothes that they have to wear to work. They, therefore, have more left in their pay checks to spend for their daily necessities and family expenses. For the employer or the company, the scope of benefits of having customized corporate clothing is broader than the economic factor.

Corporate Clothing To Promote Efficiency

For one, having customized corporate clothing unifies the entire workforce. It has the psychological effect of making employees feel that they are all moving as one and in one direction. This sense of unity brought about by wearing customized corporate clothing propels the employee force to perform better and more efficiently despite the different tasks and responsibilities that they have. Some manpower studies have shown that having customized corporate clothing for the entire workforce also breaks down communication barriers that used to hamper workplace productivity.

Company Image

Corporate clothing might seem trivial, but it could actually serve as a symbol of what the company stands for and where it wants to go. This is, in effect, part of the company’s image and branding campaign. Wearing these uniforms is a constant reminder to the employees about the company’s mission and vision. When putting in an order for customized corporate clothing, you are actually making an investment towards greater productivity of an employee force that is motivated to work together towards corporate goals.

Company Logo

Choice of corporate clothing should be made based on several factors. Two of the factors that should be considered are the kind of image to project and the kind of work environment the employees are moving around in. A professional image in the office work environment is usually presented by more formal clothing often consisting of tailored suits. Some companies with limited budgets choose to simply put an order for tailored jackets or blazers with the company’s logo embroidered on the lapel or around the chest area. In these cases, the employees can wear any business attire and then top it off with the corporate jacket.

Formality And Comfort

Those in other industries like manufacturing and food service make a less formal choice. Collared polo shirts are less formal-looking, but are not entirely less professional than tailored suits – employees will not be as productive wearing suits in a factory as they would in their collared polo shirts. The focus in choosing customized corporate clothing should not be confined to what is aesthetically pleasing and fitting to the company’s branding standards. You have to focus on how appropriate the choice is for the kind of job and work environment click the employees have. In the end, we want the employees to feel comfortable while wearing their corporate clothing, standing proud and ready to work to the best of their abilities knowing that their employer values their contribution to the company’s business growth.

This corporate clothing article was written by L Taylor for Nova Custom T Shirt Printing