Choosing A Reputable T Shirt Screen Printing Company

T Shirt Screen Printing
At Nova, we think an educated client is the best client, so when it comes time to choose your T Shirt Screen Printing Company, watch out for tricks played on unsuspecting customers. Please read below for information you might want to consider.

To begin, many screen printers may give you turnaround times (the time it takes from order to completion) that don’t account for the time they need to correctly proof artwork and other production materials before printing.

This is part of a strategy where an unscrupulous printer may just attempt to get you in the front door, and then sing a different tune once you are working with them…

It’s important to get details in writing, so ask your printer to give you honest turnaround dates IN WRITING! Otherwise, you are only receiving empty promises.

Making Sure You Are With The Right T Shirt Screen Printing Company

This may sound like a rant…But it’s important to understand that fly by night companies also disappear overnight.

Every day on the internet, you find more and more new “companies” popping up. But many of them come and go. Some of them are just starting out,  without any real world experience but they talk a good game. Unfortunately, they don’t have the experience to have the foresight to anticipate ahead of time, and handle difficulties in printing before it even happens.

You may find them running around “putting out fires”, covering up their mistakes… Some of these “companies” don’t have an office number listed on their website, and some don’t even have an office at all. Is there any wonder that their prices are so low?

We hear from clients that tell us stories of cheap printers they found on the internet, only to find that they got what they paid for. CHEAP work. If prices sound too good to be true, they usually are.

We heard one story that we’ve heard before recently. A client could not reach his printer by phone or email for several days, and then when he finally got them on the line, they had the balls to insult the client by saying that he was “bothering” them. But that wasn’t all. The story goes on that when he tried to get a refund, they never gave it to him.

Please make sure that whatever printer you decide to work with has a reputation in the industry. they should be in business for at least five years, preferably longer, with a list of well-known clients. Look, your work is important to you, so make sure you put it in the hands of people who can do the work for you without making it painful for you to deal with.

If You Need T Shirt Screen Printing And More…

When your company needs to print other items like hats, towels, aprons, jackets, flyers, posters, postcards, promo items, etc., etc. , do you find yourself scrambling to find vendors to produce everything? Wouldn’t it be easier to turn to one vendor for everything? Would it save you time and stress? Of course it would.

Companies like this do exist. Finding a vendor that provides numerous printing services can really help in terms of project management. Try to work with a company that will provide multiple printing services, and also offer project management service for you for free.

Note: This is something we pioneered back in 1995, and were featured in the New York Times about. We began by offering all printing services under one roof, along with project management services at no extra cost. Our clients were able to save on printing individual items by grouping the items together for package deals that were customized to their particular needs. We still do that to this day. This is the kind of service that helped us grow to the point that our clients went from doing work for your friends to doing work for major corporations.

This brings us back to the start. An educated client is the best kind of client for us. So educate yourself on the industry, and you’ll be able to save yourself not only money, but time as well.