Spread Brand Awareness This Winter With Hoodies

spread-brand-awareness-with-hoodiesNow that winter’s just around the bend in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to think about how to leverage that change in seasons in a new promotion. Keep customers warm and profits rolling in when you promote your company and spread brand awareness with cozy hoodies that proclaim the company message to all passersby.


Warm Up Customers and Spread Brand Awareness


When a company wants to capitalize on the winter holiday season or the cold weather, its marketing department should think about promotional gear that meets their customers’ needs. During the pre-holiday season, people may need gift ideas. If a company can capture that market with a savvy promotion, it can spread brand awareness and allow its customers to purchase the items as gifts.


For example, if a company wants to purchase coffee mugs as a promotional item, they may consider combining those mugs with some pre-packaged coffee singles, cocoa packets, or tea bags. When their customers see these mugs, attractively packaged in cellophane wrap and a colorful bow, they may pick up two or three of them as low-cost gifts for colleagues or friends.


Not only will the company’s customer remember the convenience of having ready gifts, but the recipient will have a mug bearing the company’s logo, along with the good vibes that comes with a hot beverage and a thoughtful gift. Positive PR and more brand awareness—everyone wins with this kind of holiday promotion.


Capture a Trend and Capitalize on Building a Brand


If your target market includes people who love the casual look, you may want to capitalize on a trend that has swept the country. Walk down any street in America this fall and count how many people are walking around with promotional sweatshirts or hoodies. Chances there will be quite a few hoodie-wearing youth in promotional apparel their parents paid a fortune for: Coke, Nike, Geek Squad, and more.


These companies may have invested a bit more in their promotional products, yet are reaping double rewards when people actually pay their hard-earned dollars just to promote the company’s product.


If a company’s target market is right for this casual wear, it, too, can capture this trend with an eye-catching design just in time for the holidays. Those “walking billboards” could bear that company’s logo just as well as that of the national brands if the design catches on.


Choose Holiday Promotional Gear People Will Use


A company who wants to build its reputation for quality merchandise should think twice before putting out a cheesy reindeer calendar with cheap tear-off sheets for each month. No one wants to display a reindeer picture year round. Choose a calendar with quality printing and high-quality, seasonally appropriate pictures for each month.


On a similar note, if a company wants to advertise its dependability, it shouldn’t pass out cheap pens that run out of ink in a month’s time. Promotional merchandise, particularly holiday promotions, should be of such quality that when customers use the item, they are reminded again and again about the company’s dependability.  


A business can’t afford to let such a promotional opportunity as the coming winter holidays slip away. This coming winter holiday season presents businesses and organizations the opportunity to promote their work for pennies on the dollar.