How to Market a Summer Business Come Wintertime

marketing a summer business in the winterIt’s summer now—and business is booming. Whether it’s surfboards, swimming lessons, gas grills, or other summer-oriented merchandise and services, summer is the peak season for the business. Unless the staff plans a mass vacation to parts south over the winter, it’s time to plan what to do to keep the business humming even when the snow’s flying. Here are some ideas:


Think Outside the Box to Find Services and Products That Work in Winter


For instance, a company that provides swimming lessons should think about finding an indoor venue to keep instruction going all year long. Hotels with indoor pools may have some off-peak times—and for a little rent money, may rent out the pool for swimming lessons for the locals, as they do for lap swims.


A company that sells surfboards or water skis may try selling snowboards and snow skis, particularly if there are a lot of people in their city who go off to the mountains for winter weekend jaunts.


As for the gas grill manufacturer, find ways to encourage people to grill year-round. Toasty marshmallows for the holiday carolers—perfectly grilled steaks for Valentine’s Day—use imagination to create a market for the product that can enjoy it in the winter as well. Rebrand the product as a winter favorite as well, and watch sales soar.


Keep Interest High in the Main Product with Newsletters and a Blog


Even as the company looks for ways to create products and services that sell in the winter, it can keep its customers excited about its summer products with exciting newsletter articles and informative blog posts. Swimsuit sellers can do blog posts on the coming season’s styles. In fact, hold a fashion show to get customers excited about the coming warm season. Have a drawing—in which the prize is a mid-winter getaway to somewhere warm.


Swimming instructors can write blog posts that teach students how to keep their swimming muscles in shape over the winter. Exercises that serious swimmers can do out of the water can help them prepare both physically and mentally about the coming season.


Do Plenty of Pre-Season Promotion


Don’t let the winter holiday seasonal businesses beat the summer businesses to the punch. With winter holiday promotional advertising starting earlier and earlier every year, summer businesses can take a cue from these savvy business owners. The minute the ball drops on the New Year should be the time summer businesses begin gearing up for the coming warm weather.


Whether it’s promotional hoodies or YouTube videos displaying warm beaches, sultry bikinis, and glowing tans to promote a self-tanning product or a beach-ready exercise program, use the power of promotion to get customers thinking summer.


Use Social Media to Build Emotion and Anticipation


Encourage your company’s followers to share their experiences over the past summer. Ask them what they are looking forward to in the next summer. Get people on the company’s email and regular mailing lists—so when summer comes, they’ll come your way. If the company is able, offer summer-themed contests with appropriate prizes—whatever it takes to get people thinking warm.


With these tips, a summer-focused company can create buzz—even business—for itself all year long.