10 Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget

Market your business on a budgetOne of the main problems for any business owner is marketing their business, especially if you are a start-up or just low on funds.

Here are 10 free or low cost ways to market your business on a budget.

1. Get some self-generated press buzz going

Have you done anything newsworthy? No? Well then, come up with something. Even launching your website is news. So is revamping your website, opening or revamping your office or showroom, offering a new product, hiring a new employee, or sponsoring a local charity event. Believe it or not, writing and posting a press release on your website, and on free PR websites is one of the best things you can do to improve the search engine optimization of your website. A well timed press release or a mention in a local newspaper or newsletter can also bring a lot of exposure to your business, and in most cases, is worth a lot more than most expensive marketing sources.

2. Free traffic sources

It seems that everyone is jumping on the “internet marketing” bandwagon these days, and this is because it actually works if you know what you’re doing. Take advantage of free traffic sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to drive visitors back to your website. Promote your brand by hiring someone to oversee your social media management. It will be worth the salary you pay them, or hire an intern to do this for you. Don’t overlook saavy high school students who can handle this position.

3. Recruit affiliates

This is how I started to succeed my business. If you are selling a product and are prepared to offer a commission for a referral, then recruiting affiliates is a proven way to market your business on a budget. In fact, in most cases an affiliate will do all of the hard work for you, which means all you do is handle the sales as they come in.

4. Get referrals

Encourage your existing customers to refer their family and friends to you by offering incentives. For example, they could claim a discount on their next purchase for every new person referred. This is a basic but effective way to increase your bottom line.

5. Rank in the search engines

This is essential in today’s marketplace and the source of yours truly’s success. While getting your site ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo is not as easy as it once was, it’s still possible with a little bit of hard work and daily action. Either educate yourself, or hire someone to do search engine optimization for you. Do some keyword research, create valuable content, build backlinks, and the traffic to your site will increase.

6. Public speaking

If you are an expert in your industry and don’t have a fear of talking in front of people, then public speaking is a growing trend. Best of all, it positions you as the authority, and gives you a platform to market your business. Try www.Toastmasters.com, where you can practice with other people, and your speaking skills will improve quickly.

7. Attend seminars

Just about every industry have annual seminars that you can attend, and this represents a great chance for you to network with other companies, and meet your potential customers face to face.

8. Hold a contest

A great way to market your business on a budget is to hold a contest. Let’s face it, everyone enjoys entering a contest so they can have a chance of winning something, and this gives you the chance to get their details so you are able to market to them at a later date.

9. Direct mail

Simply buy a mailing list of customers who have a purchased a similar product to what you are offering, and then send out a simple mailing package offering a special discount. Just make sure you buy your list from a reputable source. Do some internet research to find that source. A few hours should give you some good sources.

10. T-shirt marketing

You knew this was coming. : )

One strategy that your competitors are overlooking is t shirt marketing. In a nutshell, this involves printing up custom T-shirts with your company name and contact details and then giving them away for free. To make this even more effective, try to come up with a controversial or unforgettable angle that will make people actually want to wear the T-shirts, and therefore, market your business for you.

The final word

Bottom line, I highly suggest doing internet research to find good sources for all the above suggestions. Taking a weekend to get online and find out who is the go-to source for each of these is essential, because you don’t want to be throwing your money away on ineffective marketing. Ask friends and family if they know anyone who can handle these things for you. If all else fails, do it yourself!

Hopefully, these 10 ways to market your business on a budget have started to get the ideas in your mind flowing, and will act as a springboard to catapult new customers into your sphere of influence.

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Custom Printed T Shirts; Effective Branding Strategy For Your Bar / Restaurant

custom printed t shirts

Sometimes, what with the amount of preparation needed in establishing a bar or restaurant, owners overlook the necessity of advertising their business. The owners instead rely on referrals by customers. This can sometimes take a long while to build, and a strong branding strategy can help push the business’ popularity forward. One such branding tool can be custom printed t shirts.

Custom Printed T Shirts Featuring Company Logo

An establishment’s logo is typically displayed outside the restaurant or bar, on the table napkins, and sometimes even on glasses and pitchers as decoration; however, having it printed on the staff’s uniforms is generally a good idea as well. Since there will be waitstaff, bar staff, cashiers and other employees inside the restaurant, the location’s company logo would be more visible to customers. These bar/restaurant t-shirts could be an effective method in making the icon or logo stick in people’s minds.


What To Consider In Designing The Logo

In designing the logo for t-shirts, keep in mind that although the colors should be eye-catching, it may raise your printing price on t-shirts. A one or two color design will cost less than a full color design on a shirt. Aside from the logo, the whole t-shirt can be customized and designed to have the address of the business, a tagline, or just a play on the restaurant’s name.

Custom printed t-shirts as a uniform for the business’ employees is an investment since it is a form of advertisement. If for example’s sake, a white shirt with a one color print features a striking design or witty tagline to compensate for its simplicity, you can keep it simple.

While using many colors has a lot of advantages, such as intricate designs, it also has the disadvantage of raising the production cost per unit. Also, remember that when investing in a promotional product, benefits should always be higher than costs.

Screen Printed T-Shirts

For the majority of our clients that are bars and restaurants, they opt for screen printed t shirts. Silk screen printing makes use of a wooden mesh that will support the stencil. The logo is printed part by part since each stencil will be created for each detail that is similar in color. Silk screen printing makes use of several stencils that make up the whole design. The first layer is dried out before adding the next layer and so on to make sure that it won’t smudge or get ruined. Screen printed t-shirts are inexpensive to produce, but again if opting for multi-colors, can be costly in terms of setup.

Customized Shirts to Boost Business

Aside from having custom printed t-shirts as uniform for the staff, it can also be used as a promotional item for an event or as a prize for when the bar/restaurant holds contests or raffles. For example, if it is the customer’s birthday visit to the establishment, or if he spent a certain amount on the restaurant or bar, the t-shirt could be given as a token of appreciation for the customer’s support.

Aside from this, custom printed t-shirts that are designed based on the “personality” of the business can be sold to customers. This is an effective advertising strategy. If the customer wears the shirt at a public gathering, it will be exposed to other potential customers. This is where adding the business’ address or tagline could be most effective.

Indeed, using custom printed t-shirts is a creative advertising method and it brings a somewhat personal touch to any restaurant or bar.

Selling T-Shirts To Customers

Custom printed t shirts with you bar or restaurant’s logo imprinted can not only promote your business, they can make you money as well. If a customer enjoys your establishment, they are likely to consider buying one of your t-shirts to support your business, and also to have as a reminder of the fun they had. Make sure your design is one that fits your clientele. If you cater to a young crowd, make sure you have a trendy design. If it’s an older crowd, say one that appreciates the 1980’s or 90’s, go with a retro design that will click with them. Think of it as just another way to build your customer’s bond with your business.



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Promote A Book With Screen Printed T-Shirts

screen-printed-t-shirtsThere are numerous ways in promoting goods and services. It could be through radio or TV advertisement, newspapers, billboards and etc. But one the new and effective promotional tool would be screen printed T-shirts.

Screen printed T-Shirts are widely used nowadays around the globe. They are used by countless corporations, small and large businesses, schools and other organizations to promote their brand. The advantages of using screen printed T-shirts as promotional tools are numerous. It is economical, it is easily produced and it makes an ad visible every time someone wears it.

How can screen printed T-shirts help in promoting a book?

Book publishers regularly use screen printed T-shirts in promoting their books. Ordered from the right t-shirt printing company, it’s an effective tool in promoting book signing events. For example, book publishers will giveaway some custom made t-shirts for his/her fans during a book launch. This will give the fans a sense of involvement during the event. It can serve as their souvenir in attending the book launch. This can also attract more people to come and witness the event.

As a strategy to attract more people to come to a book launch, Publishers may give screen printed t-shirts for the first fans that will buy his/her book as an incentive. Everybody loves freebies and chances are they will spread the information to their other friends.

Screen Printed T-shirts for Self-Published Books vs. Major Published Books

We have to understand that Self-published books are books that are published by the authors themselves without involving any third party such as large publishing houses. While major published books on the other hand involves a major publishing company to help in selling and promoting the book. Therefore, they differ in some aspects such as having a larger budget for promotional campaigns.

Self-published books have lower budgets compared to books that are published by major publishing houses. This is because self-publishing  writers are on their own financially in launching a book, while major-published books get some financial support from a third party.

Thus, a promotional tool such as screen printed t-shirts will be very helpful for authors who opt to self-publish their books. This tool is one of the most economical ways of promoting a product. All someone needs is a good graphics artist to create a unique and appealing design that a specific market will surely love, and place an order with a custom t shirt printing company. T-shirt designs can be a book cover, the title of a book, statements or any other unique designs. The good thing about screen printed t-shirts is that can be ordered it in bulk which is very time efficient.

Furthermore, this promotional tool can also be helpful to major publishing houses in promoting their product. Given that they have a larger budget, screen printed t-shirts can be very affordable for them when buying in larger quantities. They can use it not just for book launching events, but as well as other corporate events or as prizes in their raffle promos or other advertising strategies. This can also be an avenue to remind people about the publishing company’s brand. They can put their company slogan in the design of the t-shirt as well as the company logo and the specific product that they are trying to market.

Regardless of budget, screen printed T-shirts are really affordable and an effective promotional tool for all. Just remember that ordering in bulk will get the best deal. If ordering 500 shirts or more, shirts can be printed for as little as $2.50 each. It can be very cost-effective…



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